Do You Know What Is The Difference Between Selelite And Quartz Stone?

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Stone is the material that needs to be used for house decoration, such as selelite and quartz stone. What are the differences between selelite and quartz stone?


The biggest difference between sairite and quartz stone is that the main component of sairite is quartz, but the production process of sairite is like this: firstly, high-quality natural quartz is magnetically crushed, and then purified (the process removes metal impurities, To avoid radioactivity in the product), and then go through multiple processes such as raw material mixing, vacuum die-casting, surface polishing, etc., so that the product retains the background of quartz crystals and has a crystal clear surface luster, whether it is noble and elegant "black crystal", pure and flawless The "Snow Mountain", the frivolous and lively "Red Crystal", the beaming "Red Crystal", or products with romantic and strong visual impact, are all deeply loved by people.