Artificial Stone Or Quartz Stone Which Is Better

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The choice of artificial stone is wider, such as resin artificial stone, acrylic artificial stone and artificial granite, etc. Acrylic is divided into composite acrylic and pure acrylic, and the quality of pure acrylic is very good. The resin content of artificial stone is much higher than that of quartz stone, so it has better toughness, which means that it can be used to make many shapes, but artificial stone is relatively low in hardness and not resistant to high temperatures.


Although quartz stone is a kind of artificial stone, its hardness is stronger than that of ordinary artificial stone, and its toughness is generally worse than that of artificial stone, so it can't make too many shapes, the style is very simple, and there are not many choices. Whether it is artificial stone or quartz stone, they are non-radiation, safe and environmentally friendly.


Whether artificial stone or quartz stone is better depends on the actual needs of consumers. If your economic conditions permit and you like that kind of luster, then you can choose quartz stone. If you don't have a big budget and like matte texture, gentle and restrained, you can choose artificial stone. Note that if you choose quartz stone, you need to consider it better, that is, its seams are not too dense, especially at the corners. After all, the toughness and plasticity of quartz stone are not very good, so when installing it, find professionals with better skills. Take measures to repair seams and leaks to avoid endless troubles


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