What Are The Characteristics Of Quartz Stone

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Folding and scraping won't work

The quartz content of quartz stone is as high as 94%. Quartz crystal is a natural mineral whose hardness is second only to diamond in nature. Its surface hardness can be as high as 7.5 on the Mohs scale. hurt.


No pollution when folded

Quartz stone is a dense and non-porous composite material manufactured under vacuum conditions. Its quartz surface has good corrosion resistance to kitchen acid and alkali. Liquid substances used in daily use will not penetrate into its interior and will be placed on the surface for a long time. The liquid only needs to be wiped off with a rag with clean water or cleansing agents such as Jierliang, and if necessary, the residual material on the surface can be scraped off with a blade.


Folding is not worn

The shiny and bright surface of quartz stone has undergone more than 30 complicated polishing treatments. It will not be scratched by a knife, will not penetrate into liquid substances, and will not cause yellowing and discoloration. Daily cleaning only needs to be rinsed with water. That's it, simple and easy. Even after a long period of use, its surface is as bright as a newly installed countertop, without maintenance and maintenance.


Folding does not burn

Natural quartz crystal is a typical refractory material. Its melting point is as high as 1300 degrees. The quartz stone made of 94% natural quartz is completely flame retardant and will not burn due to contact with high temperature. It also has high temperature resistance that artificial stone and other countertops cannot match. characteristic.


Folding non-toxic and non-radiation

The surface of the quartz stone is smooth, flat and no scratches are retained. The dense and non-porous material structure makes bacteria have no place to hide, and it can be in direct contact with food, which is safe and non-toxic.


The high-quality quartz stone uses selected natural quartz crystal minerals with a SiO2 content of more than 99.9%, and is purified during the manufacturing process. The raw materials do not contain any heavy metal impurities that may cause radiation, 94% quartz crystals and other The resin additives make the quartz stone no risk of radiation pollution.