Let Me Introduce You To Quartz Stone

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The composition of quartz is the simplest silicon dioxide, with glass luster, no cleavage surface, but with shell fracture. Microcrystalline quartz is called chalcedony, agate or Jasper. Pure quartz is colorless, but it often presents different colors due to impurities containing transition elements. Quartz is very stable and not easily weathered or changed into other minerals. According to the crystallization degree of SiO2, it can be divided into crystalline single crystal quartz and polycrystalline quartzite jade. Gloss: glass gloss. Color: none, white, with gray, yellow to orange, purple, dark purple, pink, grayish brown, brown and black. Streak: white. Specific gravity: 2.65 ~ 2.66. Category: metamorphic rock, metamorphosed from sandstone.