There Are Cracks On The Quartz Stone Countertops Of The Kitchen Cabinets, You Must Know The Emergency Treatment

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First of all, what is a quartz stone countertop?


Quartz stone, a new type of environmentally friendly stone artificially synthesized by quartz crystals, resin and other trace elements. Quartz stone countertops are the most widely used countertop materials in custom kitchen cabinets. It has a main structure of up to 94% of quartz crystals. The texture is hard, compact, and has high toughness. It has dirt resistance, high temperature resistance, aging resistance, anti-permeability, environmental protection, etc. Multiple advantages.

Secondly, the occurrence of cracks in the quartz stone countertop is inseparable from its material, countertop installation technology and user habits. We can guess which aspect of the problem is based on the location of the crack.


According to common sense, cracks on the quartz stone countertops must be sent directly to the after-sales factory of the kitchen cabinet brand for professional treatment. Quartz stone is different from artificial stone in that it cannot be repaired on site. Because of its high hardness, it cannot be repaired with seams and plugs like artificial stone, and it is also difficult to grind, which cannot be done without professional machines. .


When the user encounters a crack on the quartz stone countertop, although he cannot repair it himself, he can do some simple emergency treatment to meet the needs of the use before the after-sales service has not yet arrived.


Emergency treatment


Situation 1: The cracking is not serious


The user can observe whether the cracking location is serious or not, and apply a layer of water to the cracked area to see the speed of water seepage. If the speed of water seepage is very slow, it proves that the cracking is not serious. The user can try to use a blade to scrape the crack a little, and then pour it with glue connected to quartz stone, leave it for about half an hour until the glue is dry, use a blade to scrape off the surface adhesive layer, and use it overnight.


Situation 2: Severe cracking


If the cracking is serious, the crack may reach 50-60 mm. The only thing the user can do is to prevent the panel of the cabinet from leaking water through the crack on the countertop. The user can apply a layer of glass glue on the surface of the crack and temporarily seal it for use. And notify the kitchen cabinet after-sales service as soon as possible.