How To Choose A Cabinet Quartz Countertop These 3 Points Are Very Practical

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The kitchen occupies about 5-10% of the living area and is one of the key points of home decoration. It is indispensable to combine the necessary factors such as environmental protection, practicality, and beauty. There are many kinds of cabinet countertops, and the most common material in the market is quartz stone. So how to choose high-performance as the cabinet countertop from the mixed variety of quartz stone?


1. Texture


(1) Texture: high-quality quartz stone is saturated and round in color, bright in color and uniform in particles


(2) Hardness: The quartz sand content of artificial quartz stone is more than 93%, and it will not be scratched when scratched with a hard object such as a knife or key.


(3) High temperature resistance: Its melting point is as high as 1300 degrees, and the flame retardant effect of quartz stone will not cause burning due to exposure to high temperature


(4) Corrosion resistance: to check whether the quartz stone is doped with calcium carbonate, it can be tested with acetic acid


(5) Easy to take care of: Processed under vacuum conditions, the liquid used daily will not penetrate the inside, only clean water or a cleaning agent such as mighty


2. Brand


The domestic well-known quartz stone brands include Xi Shilong, Huaxun, etc., but the price of one price, Xinhualian has always been very good, and many brands of cabinets, such as Zhibang, Fuyou, and Belle Aijia, are all acting as distribution agents. .


Three, after-sales warranty


The quality is guaranteed and the after-sales service must be kept up. This reflects the responsibility of an enterprise and the service and responsibility to the customers.