How To Remedy The Deformation Of Quartz Stone Countertops How To Distinguish The Quality Of Quartz Stone

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Also, many people now choose to make their own cabinets. The countertops use quartz stone, and the bonding method will also use cement for pasting. This bonding method often separates the cement and the quartz stone over a period of time. This is because cement is CaCO3, an alkaline oxide, which can react with acid, and it happens that the raw material of quartz stone contains acidic resin. The reduction in the cement reacts with the acid in the resin. If you choose self-made cabinet countertops, you can use black cement to paste.


How to distinguish the quality of quartz stone


1. The easiest way is to use a key or a metal hard object to scratch. The black trace is the real product, and if it is a white trace, it is a fake! But nowadays, the ability of copycats is getting more and more. Strong, this method may not be effective anymore!


2. Burn it with fire, light a cigarette on the quartz stone or directly burn it with a lighter. If the yellow color can be wiped off completely, it is the genuine product. If it cannot be wiped off, it is a fake.


3. Distinguish according to its hardness. For example, when cutting, there is a lot of sparks, which means it is true. Or, when cutting, there is a strong smell of burnt egg shells, which means it is true. On the contrary, there is no taste. Or it is very small, which means it is fake, because there is very little quartz sand in it.


4. Some merchants, when you go shopping, they will say that a drop of water or soy sauce is put on a clean countertop. If it becomes pearls, it is genuine. If the water or soy sauce spreads out, it is a fake. In fact, this point has always been controversial. After all, this phenomenon is not easy to distinguish for owners with insufficient eyesight or observation ability. Therefore, this method is not recommended.


There is another simple method. Of course, this method is optional. After all, it is the age of no business but no evil! When buying quartz stone, you can ask the boss, are you a high-temperature compressed version? Casting version? Because, in fact, quartz stone, in general, is still classified as artificial stone, but its density is different!


The former has high density and good quality and is not easy to penetrate, while the latter has poor quality and is easy to penetrate. Of course, good goods are not cheap, and the price of the former will definitely be higher than that of the latter, which is beyond doubt.


Finally, no matter what method you use to buy quartz stone, in fact, after placing an order, it is best to take a photo or take a sample to take away, so that it is convenient to carefully distinguish the authenticity after installation, and prevent unscrupulous merchants from stealing the beam and changing the column!


If you want a good decoration, you must start from the details, even if it is an inconspicuous countertop