Cabinet Quartz Stone Countertop Inspection Method I Don’t Know, Come In And Have A Look

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Now everyone likes to pursue "texture" in decoration. At first glance, it looks ugly. I want people to look it up and find out: "Wow, this XX is so expensive, right?"


I was ecstatic in my heart: "Someone knows the goods!"


If you want your own kitchen to be upscale, as the kitchen "facade" project-the countertop, you must also choose good materials to decorate this position. Common materials currently on the market are: natural stone, artificial stone, quartz stone, stainless steel, and fireproof board, but almost 80% of people still choose quartz stone countertops.


Why do 80% of people still choose quartz stone countertops?


Here I have to praise the advantages of quartz stone countertops.


Durable: The filler of quartz stone is quartz with a content of up to 99.9%, and its physical hardness is second only to natural diamond, and it is not easy to deform. The service life of quartz stone countertops is as long as decades, and the maintenance period can even be extended to 2-3 years.

Easy maintenance: The quartz stone contains antibacterial agents, and the quartz stone countertops have almost no pores, so there is no need to worry about oil penetration and discoloration. It only needs to be wiped with clean water daily, no careful maintenance is required, and it is still beautiful as new after many years of use.


No radiation: Since the main component of quartz stone countertops is silica, it has no risk of radiation and feels smooth and cold to the touch.