The Advantages Of Quartz Stone How To Distinguish True And False Quartz Stone Countertops

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The advantages of quartz stone How to distinguish true and false quartz stone countertops


When decorating the kitchen, everyone admires quartz countertops. Quartz stone is good, but nowadays the market is mixed, and the quality of the products is uneven. For decoration Xiaobai, it is very important to understand the advantages of quartz stone and how to distinguish true and false quartz stone countertops. The following 6 points must be understood in advance.


Advantages of quartz stone


Quartz stone is a kind of stone artificially synthesized from quartz crystals. Because the main material is quartz sand, the quartz stone itself has high density, high hardness and is not easy to scratch, and the permeability and water absorption are also relatively poor. The good performance of quartz stone has become the first in today's kitchen and is highly sought after by people.


How to distinguish true and false quartz stone countertops


1. Check whether the quartz stone is scratch-resistant


94% of the composition of quartz stone is composed of quartz. According to monitoring, its hardness is comparable to that of diamond, but the props in the kitchen cannot compete with quartz stone and are not easy to be scratched. So when buying quartz stone, you can use a knife to scratch it. If there is no mark left, it means it is a real quartz stone.


2. Look at the permeability of quartz stone


The kitchen fume itself is more serious, and with the frequent use of soy sauce, vinegar and other seasonings, it is inevitable that it will be spilled. If the countertop has good permeability, it won't be long before the cracks on the countertop will be covered with stains and bacteria will grow. The kitchen needs to be clean, and quartz stone can do just that. So when buying quartz stone, you can put a drop of ink on the countertop, and then almost use a paper towel to see if it will penetrate. .

3. Use fire to see if the surface color has changed


High-quality quartz stone countertops are very resistant to burning and high temperature. Under normal circumstances, the surface will not change after being burned with fire. If the surface turns yellow or has obvious burn marks after burning, it means that it is a low-quality quartz stone and cannot be purchased.


4. Soak the quartz stone with hydrochloric acid


The hydrochloric acid can be replaced by white vinegar. Take the quartz stone test sample and soak it in vinegar. If there is slurring and bubbling, it means that calcium carbonate is mixed in and reacts with white vinegar. This kind of quartz stone Never buy it.


5. The cheaper you can't buy


Quartz stone has high performance and high production cost, so the market price is high. But when most people buy it, they like to be cheap, but when they buy it back, they find that they are not so high-quality. After all, "you get what you pay for", how can you buy good products if you are greedy for cheap.


6. Thickness of quartz stone countertop


The thickness of the countertop is of course the thicker the better, but the thicker the higher the price, the average family can use 1.5, but some stone can not reach the 1.5 that the merchant says, it is easy to cut corners, so the most before buying Well, please take a measurement from professionals.