How To Maintain The Kitchen Quartz Countertops

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1. Scrub with detergent


The most important point is to frequently use scrubbing supplies for scrubbing. Although it is more resistant to dirt, it is unavoidable to get oily stains in daily life. After scrubbing the surface of the quartz stone with scrubbing supplies, apply the car wax or furniture wax at home on the surface of the quartz stone countertop. After it has dried up, wipe it back and forth with a dry cloth. This approach is equivalent to adding to the quartz stone countertop. A protective film. When cleaning, pay special attention to the joints of the countertops. Once there are stains, wipe them in time, and wax the crevices.


2. Keep the quartz stone countertops dry


It is inevitable that many water droplets will occur daily, but for quartz stone countertops, it is necessary to keep the quartz stone countertops as dry as possible. Because the water often contains a lot of bleach and scale, if you stay on the quartz stone countertops for too long, it will As a result, the color of the quartz stone countertop becomes lighter, which affects the overall beauty. If this phenomenon still occurs accidentally, you can use the cleaning fluid to scrub the quartz countertop repeatedly until the light stops.


3. Do not place high temperature items


In addition to cleaning in time, we must also pay attention to some daily details. For example, do not put some high-temperature objects directly on the top of the quartz stone countertop. Under the effect of high temperature, it may cause certain harm to the quartz stone surface; also do not forcefully hit the quartz stone countertop or cut things on it. The posture will easily damage the countertop. Attention should be paid to these small details mentioned above. As long as these are paid attention to, the service life of quartz stone can be prolonged.


Fourth, beware of potent chemicals touching the countertop


Although the appearance of quartz stone has a strong ability to resist damage, in order to ensure the normal use of quartz stone countertops, it is still necessary to avoid contact with some strong chemicals, such as paint removers, metal cleaners, etc., this type of item All have fierce corrosion function, which will damage the surface of the quartz stone countertop to a certain extent. If you accidentally contaminate such items, wash the surface of the quartz stone with a lot of soap and water in time. Pay more attention to the small details in these daily days, and the quartz stone countertops can be well maintained and cleaned, so that they will look neat and beautiful, and then they will have a longer service life.


After reading the above content, have you mastered the cleaning and maintenance methods of quartz stone countertops? If you do a good job of maintaining the quartz stone countertops at ordinary times, you can prolong the service life of the quartz stone countertops.