How To Clean Quartz Stone Countertops

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How to clean the quartz countertops How to maintain the quartz countertops in the kitchen


The quartz stone plate has a smooth surface, hard material, high temperature resistance, safety and non-toxicity, and can be in direct contact with food, which is the biggest advantage of quartz stone countertops. Kitchens are also heavily polluted by oil fume. If the items in the kitchen are not cleaned up in time, a thick layer of stains will appear. Of course, quartz countertops are no exception. Although quartz stone is resistant to dirt, it does not have a self-cleaning function. So, how to clean the quartz stone countertops? How to maintain the quartz countertops in the kitchen?


How to clean quartz stone countertops


1. Use neutral detergent or soapy water and use a rag to clean.


2. After cleaning, rinse with clean water, and then wipe dry with a dry cloth. Although the water absorption rate of quartz stone is almost zero at 0.02%, it is necessary to avoid the possibility of penetration or leaving water stains.


3. The most important thing is the maintenance and cleaning of the splicing seams. Clean them in time after use to avoid the blackening of the splicing seams and the breeding of bacteria. The splicing seams should be waxed regularly. If there is no special wax for stone in your home, you can use car wax or floor wax, and you should wax it at least once a month.