Quartz Stone Cabinet Countertop Thickness

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1. Quartz stone cabinet countertops are the choice of consumers. Because of their good performance and easy cleaning in the later stage, they have become the favorite of housewives. When buying quartz countertops, you must pay attention to the thickness.


2. The standard thickness of quartz stone cabinet countertops is 1.5-2cm. At present, there are the most quartz stone cabinet countertops with a thickness of 1.5cm on the market. The imported quartz stone has a thickness of only 1.2cm, but it has stronger hardness. It can be seen that the greater the thickness of the quartz stone cabinet countertop does not mean the better the performance.


3. Some manufacturers will report that the thickness of the quartz stone cabinet countertop is 6.5cm, but this is actually a false statement. The 6.5cm countertop includes the sagging thickness, not just the thickness of the quartz stone. Therefore, when purchasing, you need to understand and measure it in detail to avoid buying too thick or too thin quartz countertops, which will affect the daily use effect.