How To Maintain Quartz Stone Countertops

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1. When using quartz stone countertops, try to avoid placing high-temperature items, such as hot pots, on the countertop directly or for a long time. High temperature will cause damage to the quartz stone countertop.


2. When using quartz stone countertops, you should try to avoid using sharp objects to scratch the quartz stone countertops. Not only the quartz stone countertops, even other countertops should avoid directly using the countertops for cutting vegetables. This is not hygienic, and secondly, it can protect the countertops.


3. After each use of the quartz stone countertop, the countertop should be cleaned in time, and the countertop should be kept dry and tidy. This can effectively increase the service life of the countertop.


4. In daily use of quartz stone countertops, you should strictly prevent corrosive chemicals from contacting the countertop. If you accidentally touch it, you need to wash the countertop with a lot of soapy water immediately or consult relevant professionals to find a solution.