It Is Not Unattainable For The Quartz Stone Industry To Create A Brand Myth

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For China, Western ideas may be the most advanced, but the experience of Eastern neighbors may be the most applicable. Chinese companies start from small workshops and enter engineering operations. This requires a long way to go, and it also requires a solid corporate foundation. For the development of the quartz stone industry to make a qualitative leap, it must be developed through the "hidden rules" of enterprise development, rather than the mentality of "complementary" projects. We need quartz stone to drive artificial stone products to become one of the most important building materials industries in the world, and we also hope that quartz stone and upgraded products will become the first choice for home improvement and tooling.

   Must have the ability to make capital and raw materials

We continue to see the electrical industry in Guangdong and other regions of China moving forward at an alarming speed, and we have also witnessed the brilliance of Huawei and Lenovo Group, and then reflect on the changing situation of the ceramic industry enterprises. In the process of development, enterprises have to go large-scale or want to become leaders. Enterprises must have the ability to produce capital and raw materials.

   Most of the existing quartz stone raw material suppliers are small-scale, high processing costs, and poor supply capacity. With these suppliers, can they cooperate well with the large-scale and industrialization of quartz stone? can not! High-quality quartz stone enterprises must establish their own quartz sand mining areas, and must have large-scale quartz sand processing capabilities, coupled with strong product development capabilities, to achieve the establishment and growth of ultra-large-scale quartz stone enterprises.