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Ocean Cream White Quartz Engineered Stone

Item Number: A1406 Materials: High purity acid-washed 93% quartz stone, 7% palymer material and a small amount of inorganic pigment Dimension: 3200*1600mm, 3200*1800mm, 3000*1400mm Thickness: 15mm, 18mm, 20mm, 30mm Bulk density: >2.40g/m³ Flatness: <2mm Mohs’ hardness: 6-7



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  • Ocean Cream White Quartz Engineered Stone


    Ocean Cream White Quartz Engineered Stone is an excellent stone, mainly for the countertop place of the kitchen. We can see that when style, performance and cost is your family or workplace priority. The quartz countertop has a high quality look and feel, but compared with other natural stone, the maintenance cost of quartz stone is much lower.


    Our quartz stone is usually composed of 93% of natural quartz materials, and the remaining 7% is composed of polymers. Resins and pigments. Quartz countertops are very durable, there are a variety of colors and styles. The quartz kitchen countertop is heat-resistant, and it does not crack or debris, because it is non-porous, it will not require regular sealing, not easy to stain. In addition, quartz is a non-porous stone, which means that it doesn't hide bacteria, it is easy to clean.


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