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Calacatta Ibiza

Item Number:A1832L Materials: High purity acid-washed 93% quartz stone, 7% palymer material and a small amount of inorganic pigment Dimension: 3200*1600mm, 3200*1800mm, 3000*1400mm Thickness: 15mm, 18mm, 20mm, 30mm Bulk density: >2.40g/m³ Flatness: <2mm Mohs’ hardness: 6-7



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    Calacatta Ibiza Quartz factors to a heat white historical past with an extensive and subtle texture that replicates the famous look of Italian marble. This lovely white quartz can be coordinated with nearly any coloration scheme or format style, impartial however no longer boring. It is perfect for making long-lasting white quartz countertops, backsplashes, waterfall islands, showers and floors.


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    Indoor Construction Wall And Floor

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    Calacatta Ibiza

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    1.8, 2, 3mm

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    Betop Stone can additionally be personalized for clients often based totally on the shop drawings provided. We have a private laptop infrared reducing machine, a laptop stone keel reducing machine, a pc facet sprucing machine, which are configured to make the fantastic of the countertops and dressing tables of the engineering task as excessive as viable and high-end. We use these present-day applied sciences and pick out the quality uncooked materials: every board is professionally molded, pressed, vacuumed and baked to acquire a flawless and stable surface. Then the completed product is polished to perfection and strictly inspected earlier than shipment.


    Usage Tips

    1. Quartz tiles-After the tile mortar/adhesive has dried, these tiles are grouted with a herbal stone-grade polymer coating for the grouting of the absorbent material.

    2. If a richly colored floor is required, the floor ought to be handled with a coloration protectant appropriate for herbal stone after bonding.

    3. Quartz stone: Use the commercially handy non-alkaline, grease-free herbal stone cleaner furnished by using the producer of the identical shade to deepen/dip to ease the quartz tiles


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