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Beige Sahara Quartz Countertop Slabs

Item Number: A1403 Materials: High purity acid-washed 93% quartz stone, 7% palymer material and a small amount of inorganic pigment Dimension: 3200*1600mm, 3200*1800mm, 3000*1400mm Thickness: 15mm, 18mm, 20mm, 30mm Bulk density: >2.40g/m³ Flatness: <2mm Mohs’ hardness: 6-7




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  • Beige Sahara Quartz Countertop Slabs


    Since most of the minerals in quartzite are combined with resin, it is a non-porous material. This means that if you spill something on the countertop, it won't seep into the stone.Unlike marble and granite, quartz does not have tiny capillaries running through the stone. Quartz has no openings for liquids or other materials to soak, so it is very resistant to stains.


    Quartz stone is an artificial stone composed of 93% quartz and 7% polymer. This makes it as hard as granite and five times stronger. Although quartz stone has a polished surface, it is not as highly polished as most marbles or granites. The advantage of quartz stone is the consistent color and absence of micropores, cracks and irregular markings found in most natural stones. This material would be a better option for those who want to avoid these violations.


    This Beige Sahara Quartz Countertop Slabs also makes it impossible for bacteria and bacteria to get into the stone. Your quartz countertops will never be stained and easily sanitized.


    What do we have?


    We can provide 15mm, 18mm, 20mm, 30mm for the thickness of artificial quartz plate. All thicknesses can be used for decoration throughout the house such as countertops, walls and floors.




    More artificial quartz is available in standard series, multi-color series, texture series and marble look series.


    How about our packing?


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    Why choose us?


    1: Warranty on all quartz countertops

    2: Wide range of material choices

    3: Competitive price

    4: Manufactured to a high quality finish

    5: Professional production machinery

    6: More than 20 years experience in stone industry

    7: All work is fully guaranteed

    8: Excellent after-sales service



    Know more details,welcome to contact us:


    Whatsapp:+86 15980219667




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