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Calacatta Trevizo Quartz

Item Number: A1821 Materials: High purity acid-washed 93% quartz stone, 7% palymer material and a small amount of inorganic pigment Dimension: 3200*1600mm, 3200*1800mm, 3000*1400mm Thickness: 15mm, 18mm, 20mm, 30mm Bulk density: >2.40g/m³ Flatness: <2mm Mohs’ hardness: 6-7



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  • Calacatta Trevizo Quartz


    BeTop Stone quartz are exquisitely designed to be available in a variety of colours and can be easily displayed by pigmentation. We also added stone and glass to quartz resin to make it more classy and beautiful.


    Many buyers like quartz countertops because of their natural texture. However, all our products are up to standard and grade. We do not treat grace as an accident; We made it perfect.





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    Discover the beauty of our quartz stone for use in homes and offices. Whether you want calacatta Line, Carrara Vein or Crystal Star,etc, we have many bathroom and kitchen countertops to suit your colour and personality. Our staff will work hand in hand with you to find the most suitable products for you. We have lots of material samples, designers and project managers to help you choose and design your home.



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