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Artificial Furniture Slab

Product Details If sexiness and maturity are not the first words you think of when you think of countertops, then it's time to introduce you to our Piatra Gray Quartz. Piatra gray quartz presents a smooth slate gray base with a stylish chalky white texture. Its highly durable color depth brings exquisite luxury to contemporary interior design. From wood to industrial elements, it harmonizes with different interior design materials. It is the ideal design companion for modern bathroom, laundry or kitchen design, where darker tones are required. Piatra Gray Quartz is a smooth gray stone with a timeless chalky white texture. It looks particularly beautiful when combined with white kitchen cabinets, but it will also add personality to dark brown and light-colored kitchen cabinets.




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  • The advantages of quartz stone mesa:

    1, high temperature resistance will not deformation, can reach more than 1300 degrees, is a good refractory material.

    2, environmental protection without radiation, the silica content of quartz reached 900%.

    3, anti-bacterial, anti-seepage and anti-pollution effect, basically not water absorption.

    4, no color difference, long time exposed in the air does not change color, also do not need maintenance.

    5, quartz stone countertops cost performance is very good.

    Disadvantages of quartz mesa:

    Quartz stone hardness is much higher than ordinary artificial stone, but because of the high hardness also leads to another disadvantage, that is, the joint is more obvious than artificial stone, so the biggest disadvantage of quartz stone is not perfect joint

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