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Calacatta Quartz Artificial Stone In Kitchen

Modern farmhouse, traditional farmhouse, coastal farmhouse or modern farmhouse, Calacata will enhance your design with its eye-catching appearance. This quartz uses warm white two-tone marble as the background, with exquisite gold texture and polished finishes. It is very suitable for decorating walls, floors, kitchen and bathroom countertops, wet bars, floors, etc. Cacalata Valencia quartz is durable and easy to maintain. It is a perfect complement to indoor residential and commercial spaces. Cacalata Valencia quartz is a very hard material that allows you to see the appearance of natural stone with the same color and texture throughout the quartz countertop. It is easy to maintain and does not require the more routine maintenance and annual sealing required by natural stone.




  • Technical Parameter
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  • Quartz,

    Mesa of qualitative quartz stone material is a kind of ambry mesa with the commonnest on the market now, the quartz crystal of 90% above is contained in its main composition, colophony, and a few other microelement, it is a kind of artificial synthetic material.
    There are two kinds of production process of quartz table top: reverse molding and pressing molding.
    1 Reverse die forming:
    The quartz crystals are poured into a pre-made mold and left to dry naturally.
    2 Pressing molding:
    The quartz crystal is directly mixed with resin and other materials and molded by high temperature and high pressure pressing.
    3. Differences between the two processes:
    In the first reverse molding process, quartz crystals are poured directly into the model and then air-dried. Air drying takes a lot of time. In this case, large particles of quartz will be deposited at the bottom of the model and small particles will be suspended at the top, resulting in uneven surface and low density of the finished product.
    This is easy to use in the late oil seepage, not dirty, not resistant to scratch.
    All kinds of artificial quartz stone sample
    But if the second process is used, the quartz crystal is placed directly in the model, through mechanical high temperature and high pressure molding, then there will be no uneven particles in the finished product, but the rapid prototyping caused by mechanical action will make the quartz stone particle size is consistent, and the density is also high.
    Later in the use of pressed quartz stone table, you can effectively avoid table fracture, oil seepage and other situations. Therefore, the market brand quartz stone is usually pressed molding, its biggest advantage is not afraid of penetration.
    How do we go to the two different processes of quartz stone mesa? Only need to observe whether the two sides of the quartz stone is uniform, if the two sides are uniform, and not by high

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