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Carrara Quartz In The Kitchen




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  • Compared with the uncontrollable and non renewable scarcity of natural slate lines, the plastic and renewable characteristics of quartz slate are accepted by more and more consumers. Shiteng focuses on the R & D and production of artificial quartz slate plates of natural stone karala, natural stone fish belly white, granite and other styles, which are widely sold overseas and won unanimous praise from customers and peers in the industry!

    Kara white quartz stone is derived from the natural stone karala, but our designers add a bit of movement on the basis of the original natural lines and fine lines. The twill on the board is like the catkins floating in the wind on the Bank of Seine River, realizing the combination of motion and static. The high brightness surface treatment adds a fresh texture to the whole board. Kara white is also one of the classic styles in the best-selling list.

    Snowflake, white stone and quartz are strong, simple and luxurious design, and the lines can be spliced to make your countertop and background wall high-end atmosphere and full of artistic sense.

    The design of golden fish belly white quartz stone is inspired by the natural marble karakata white, but it can well avoid the defects of natural stone. The 45 ° lines tend to match the coordinated coarse and fine lines, especially the fine lines in the blank, which all reflect our designer team's pursuit of detail carving and product quality. Everything only provides you with high-quality quartz stone countertops.


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